Activity Overview

It is very easy to see which users are active on your website and what listings they have been viewing. These insights can be helpful to better target and nurture your leads.

1. Log into your CRM (click here for how to access your CRM)

The first page you'll see is your Dashboard.

Your Dashboard is separated into the following tabs:

Dashboard Tabs

Hottest Leads:

These are users who are signed in on your website and have actively been looking at listings. You can see the MLS # of their "Last Listing Viewed", along with the details of that listing.

Click on the lead's name to see their contact page on your CRM.

Click on the MLS # of their Last Listing Viewed to view this listing page in your CRM.

New Leads:

Your most recent leads will be displayed here.

Active Leads:

These are users you have engaged with (e.g. sending them a newsletter, or having received a Neighbourhood Watch alert) or who have been recently active on your website.

Clients & Past Clients:

You can set the life cycle stage of your contacts on their Contact page. This is where the activity of your "Clients" or "Past Clients" will be displayed. Click here to learn for how to do this.

Learning More About A Specific Lead

You can learn more about the activity of any of your leads by clicking on their name. Visit this page to learn more.