You can easily add a contact from your desktop/laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

*** NOTE ***: Each contact imported must have an email address. Our CRM platform will not be able to fully process the import of a contact list if any contacts do not have an email address.



1. Login to your CRM (click here for how to access your CRM)

2. Click on Contacts in the left navigation bar

3.  Click: Import

4. Choose the Life Cycle Stage you'd like to import this current list into, then click "Next"

5. Click the check boxes and ensure your file is in .csv format and that the first row of your list contains property labels

If you have a contact list in Excel, click "Save As" and select the .csv format:

6. Import your .csv file...

...and choose the file name for your import"

7. Preview your import to ensure the column labels from your CSV file have the correct labels (CRM Property) in your Four Walls CRM:

If you see this icon  it means one of the column labels in your CSV file does not match up with the CRM Property's (category fields for your contacts) in the Four Walls Digital CRM.

In this case, click the drop-down in that row under "CRM Property" and choose one of the CRM Property options.

NOTE: Currently, you can only add 1 phone number at a time. We will be updating this so you can add multiple phone numbers at the same time (i.e. Mobile, Work, etc.)

If you need to skip a column of information, just leave the drop-down selection for that label as "Choose property or skip".

You're Done!

Once you click "Next" again, you should see this "Confirm" screen. This means your contacts have been imported!

NOTE: You will not be able to import email addresses that are already in your Contacts.