1. Log in to your Website Admin (click here to learn how)

2. Choose the page where you would like your Exclusive Listings to live. Right click on that page and click Add Page

3. Choose a title for your page, and click "Finish"

This is where your exclusive listing previews will live.

4. Right click on your new exclusive listings page and add a new page

This is where your actual listing page will live.

5. Name this page with the title of your exclusive listing and click "Finish"

Next, we'll begin to add the information for your listing to this specific listing page:

6. Click in the Content section, type LISTING: then highlight the word and change the size of the text to "Heading H3"

This will increase the size of your text to stand out more:

7. Insert a "Three Column" function. This is where you'll want to place the three most important details about this listing (e.g. List Price, Beds, Baths)

8. Start by editing the "Left Column"

9. Once you've entered your first piece of information, highlight the text, centre it...

...and place it in a "well". This is the same as placing this in a text box to draw attention to it.

Click "OK" and do this to the next two columns with the information you choose to display.

10. Next, add the Address, City, and Building type, below the "Three Column" function, and add in the word "PHOTOS in H3 styled font:

Next, you'll want to add property photos and display them in a carousel.

11. Click on the "Media" button...

...Right click on the folder with your name and click "Add Folder" (This folder contains all media files for your website)

Add a folder specifically for this exclusive listing.

Right click on the folder and add your photo(s). If you have multiple photos, you can compress them into a .zip file and click "Upload Multiple".

12. Next, Go back to the Content section...

Below where you typed "PHOTOS", insert the Carousel function:

Click on the "Images folder". Here is where you can choose the folder where you placed your exclusive listing's photos. Click "OK" when you've selected your folder.

12. Next, below the Carousel function, add in the word "PROPERTY DETAILS in H3 styled font:

13. Add a "Three Column" function:

Start by editing the left column:

Add your property details and style to your liking:

Select detail, and place it in a "Well"

Add a space between the Well and your next property detail, then place this next property detail in a Well:

Do the same for your next property detail(s) in this column. Then, repeat this process for the middle and right columns.

14. Add the word "DESCRIPTION", style it in H3,  hit enter on your keyboard, and enter your description:

15. To add in details for the "Rooms", repeat steps #'s 12 & 13:

16. Next, you'll want to add a contact form and the Neighbourhood Indicator. Click on the dropdown that shows "1 column - full width", and choose "2 columns - content and aside"

Click on "Aside column":

17. Type in the words: "CONTACT AGENT:" and place it in the H3 style. Hit enter on your keyboard and insert a function, and choose the "ContactForm" function from the Forms folder:

Choose your optional fields, end the email address you'd like the filled out form to be sent to, and click OK.

18. Next, type "NEIGHBOURHOOD", place it in the H3 style. Now hit enter on your keyboard and insert the "NeighbourhoodIndicators" function. (note: this feature is not available for Standard tier customers)

Choose the TREB neighbourhood where your listing is located, and click OK.

19. Click "Save and Publish"

Next, we'll add the thumbnail / preview of this listing to your Exclusive Listing page.

20. Right-click on the page you created for your exclusive listings, click "Edit Page":

21. Type in the words "Exclusive Listings" in the H3 style, hit enter on your keyboard, and insert a "FourColumn" function:

22. Click "Edit Colum 1"

23. Now, insert a "Thumbnail" function:

Click "Edit Content"

24. Click "Insert" > "Image", then click "Source" and choose one of the images you uploaded previously for your preview:

NOTE: You'll want to ensure your image is at least 800 px wide.

25. Hit OK when you're done, and now click on the "Edit Caption" button in the Thumbnail Function Properties:

26. Enter the list price and address, and style to your liking:

27. Next, click the "Content Page" button, and link the Thumbnail function to its full listing page you just created:

28. Finally, click OK until you're back in the Content section. Click "Save and Publish" to publish your page, and you're done!