In this example, we'll add a new profile photo for an agent's Bio or About page.

1. Log in to your Website Admin (click here to learn how).

2. Click on the "Media" tab at the bottom of your window:

This is the Media section where all your website media files live. It is recommended to store your files in folders to keep things organized.

3. Click the "+" beside "Media Archive", then right-click on the folder with your website's name (usually this will just be your name) and click "Add Folder".

4. Add the name of your folder, then click "OK".

5. Right click on the folder you'd like to add an image or images to and click "Upload File".

If you would like to add multiple images, you can compress them into a .zip file and click "Upload Multiple".

Click on the arrow and choose the file from your computer, then click "Finish":