1. In the content bar, click on the page you wish to update the link on and click Edit Page.
    TIP: To learn how to navigate to pages, click here 
    TIP: To learn how to edit pages, click here  

  1. The content editor will open up in a new tab to the right 

  1. Use your mouse to highlight the text you want to link from 

  1. Click the link button above. It looks like this: 

  2.  a.  If you are linking to a page within your website you can use the icon to the right of the URL field to browse your website for the desired page:
    b.  If you are linking to an external page, paste the full URL into the URL field (seen above).

    Note: If you are linking to an external page we recommend checking the "Open in new window" option so that users do not lose tabs of your website in the progress