What Are Tags?

Tags are unique identifiers that can be associated to your contacts to categorize and segment contacts in a more efficient way. It usually involves adding keywords, but in the Fourwalls CRM we've taken it a big step further. Tags in the Fourwalls CRM are always associated with a prospect match (the type of property they are looking for). You can tag people based on common neighbourhoods, condos, schools, or something custom:

Each tag allows you to specify the prospect match:

For example, you may have two contacts that interested in working with you in the same neighbourhood but they both have very different ideas and budget for their next "dream" home. You can quickly tag each contact with this information. You can add as many tags as you'd like so it's possible to have a contact with four tags representing four neighbourhoods each with a different prospect match. 

Once the contacts have been tagged the Fourwalls platform can begin to automatically provide them with listings that match the prospect match. Here's how to tag: 

How To Tag

  1. Click on Contacts in the left navigation bar 


  2. Select the contact(s) you would like to Tag 


  3. Clickto assign tags to these contacts. 

  4. An input box will appear. You can choose to assign a tag that matches their property preferences by typing in a neighborhood, condo or school and clicking the corresponding option from the dropdown menu.


  5. Alternatively, you can create a new custom a custom tag by typing whatever tag name you wish into the input and clicking 'here'. A new form will appear. Filling out the form is optional, but you must click 'save' on the form for the custom contact to be added.  


    Now you are ready to send targeted Newsletters to tagged contacts.